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Learn About Our GMP Manufacturing Facilities & Our Investment in the Next Generation of Therapeutics

Simplifying Your Cell and Gene Therapy Process

Revolutionary cell and gene therapies offer significant promise to treat life threatening diseases. Bio-Techne is in this journey with you. As a full-solution ancillary reagent, services, and instrument provider, we will stand by you, providing flexible and pioneering tools to simplify your workflow at every step of the manufacturing process. From CAR T cells to pluripotent stem cells, let us help you get your therapy to market.

Count on Bio-Techne to provide solutions focused on:

  • Innovation
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Consistency and Reproducibility
  • Reducing Manufacturing Risk

Navigate below to learn about the different ways we can support your process.

Cloudz Cell Activation Kit

Immune Cell Therapy

Harness the power of immune cells to attack specific tumor cell populations. Isolate, expand, engineer, and characterize your cells with our premium reagents, services, and instruments.

  • GMP cytokines, GMP small molecules, and xeno-free media
  • GMP gene engineering, CDMO, and cell manufacturing services
  • Analytical instruments, 21 CFR Part 11-compliant
  • RNAscope™ ISH Assays, GCLP-compliant
Stem Cells

Regenerative Medicine

Break new ground with revolutionary therapeutic field built on the flexibility of stem cells. We offer a vast array of products and services to help you advance and manufacture treatments for degenerative diseases, tissue injury, and genetic defects.

  • GMP cytokines, GMP small molecules, and culture media
  • GMP gene engineering, CDMO, and cell manufacturing services
  • Analytical instruments, 21 CFR Part 11-compliant
  • RNAscope™ ISH Assays, GCLP-compliant
Gene Engineering Services

Gene Engineering

Realize the potential of genome engineering by partnering with our experts. We specialize in complex engineering projects with any immune or stem cell.

  • TcBuster™ Gene Delivery System, a non-viral platform that shortens the timeline to prepare your cells
  • Cell engineering services for multiplex gene knock-ins and knock-outs
  • RUO and GMP iPSC engineering for reprogramming, expansion, and master cell banking
  • GMP capabilities for cell therapy manufacturing up to Phase II clinical trials

GMP Capabilities

We strive to reduce your manufacturing risks by providing industry-leading quality, consistency, reliability, and capacity.

  • Quality compliance and certifications
  • Streamlining transition
  • Custom services
  • Animal-free manufacturing
  • Our GMP facilities around the world
Automated Immunoassay on Ella

Analytical Solutions

Rigorously characterize your mid-process and final cell products for the safest possible therapies. Our platforms enable rapid and accurate analysis of cells, molecules, and contaminants.

  • Automation
  • Scalability
  • Method transferability
  • Low sample volumes

Custom Services

Leverage the expertise of our scientists to develop the exact tools you need for manufacturing your cell or gene therapy.

  • GMP Proteins
  • GMP Antibodies
  • GMP Cell Processing and Engineering
  • Custom Cell Culture Media
  • Custom Chemistry Services
  • Custom Vialing of GMP Cytokines by Mass and Activity

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