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What is Glycobiology?

Glycobiology is “the study of the structure, biosynthesis, biology, and evolution of saccharides (sugar chains, carbohydrates or glycans) that are widely distributed in nature in all living forms” (1).

The Human Genome Project revealed that there are only 25,000 genes in the human body. How can this relatively small genome explain the complexity of human life? One potential answer lies in the fact that the complexity is magnified by post-translational modifications that alter protein activity. For instance, the type and extent of glycosylation may differentially regulate the activity of a single gene product and play important roles in protein-protein interactions. In recent years, the glycobiology field has taken an “omics” approach. Glycomics is defined as the scientific pursuit of the collection of carbohydrates found in the extracellular matrix, intracellularly, and associated with the cell membrane. Glycoproteomics involves the analysis of glycans while they are still attached to glycoprotein fragments (1).

Bio-Techne scientists have advanced the Glycobiology field with many peer-reviewed scientific publications. The outcome of our research and development enterprise is a broad array of solutions for your glycobiology research and development needs. Our mission is to provide useful solutions that will increase the accessibility of glycobiology research to specialists and non-specialists alike.

Why is Glycobiology important?

  1. Glycans play a role in communication between cells and their external environment. 
  2. Glycosylation is important for protein folding and quality control.
  3. Glycans play an important role in the development of multicellular organisms.
  4. Glycosylation is an important determinant of the efficacy of biologics such as therapeutic antibodies.

Glycobiology Solutions to Advance Your Research and Development Enterprise

Quality control Glycobiology workflow

Quality Control for Your Biologic

Our Simple Western and iCE platforms help you quickly screen biologics prior to initiating a more involved assessment.

Terminal Glycans

Visualize Terminal Glycans

Our technology takes advantage of the selective action of glycosyltransferases on substrate glycans to provide the most specific glycan visualization assays on the market.


Tools for Detecting Glycans, Glycoproteins and Proteoglycans

Our mission is to provide useful solutions that will increase the accessibility of glycobiology research to specialists and non-specialists alike.

TcBuster graphic

Gene Engineering Services

Let us solve your gene engineering challenges so you can focus on groundbreaking research. Our gene engineering services team specializes in complex projects and hard-to-transfect cell lines.

For cell and gene therapy manufacturing, we offer GMP CDMO services that include process development for cell engineering, quality control, custom cell vialing, and regulatory support.

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